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Each one of us has something special that makes us different, that makes us rare! We have a light that shines within us that we were always meant to share. And when we come together, combine the light that shines within, there is nothing we can’t do, there is no battle we can’t win! When we come together, there will be a star to guide the way, it’s inside us every day.

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Woah.. I almost slammed into that. Yeah, I noticed. But how? You were listening and talking to me the whole time! An experienced flyer like me knows how to multitask. While you fly? It’s essential! Yes, I was paying attention to you, but was also scanning the sky and the ground for any problems! Really..?

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Anonymous inquired:
   I really love your gifsets! keep it up   

Thank you, Anon! Sorry for being gone such a long time. I’m back now, though! Time to finish up S4 and make some gifs!

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make it special !
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Anonymous inquired:
   Favorite episode from season three?   

Magic Duel!

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UPDATE: Thanks for the follows! It means so much to me that you enjoy my GIFs, even if I am still learning and all (◕‿◕✿). I plan to upload some today, and throughout the week, so look out for that! I’ve been a little busy with school the past few months, so that’s why I haven’t been uploading.

Also, I made the Episode navigation list! If you’re looking for GIFs from a specific episode, it’s there now for you.

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My Little Pony Japanese OP “Mirai Start”

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moonstonefox inquired:
   That gif set you posted of Winter, Celestia, and Luna, do you have a link to that video? Or the source? I'd love to watch it!   

Of course! It’s a fan animation made by SillyFillyStudios called Snowdrop; right here

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